Karbok Kalegir

The Baron of Brewery


Class: Knight Errant
Level: 1, 686 XP

Race: Dwarf
Height: 3’11"
Weight: 142 lbs

Weapons Wielded: Battle Axe (Specialized), Footman’s Pick
Armor Worn: Scale Mail, Medium Shield
Other Notable Possessions: Portable Still

Affiliations: Mouths of Madness

Str16.17Hit: +2Damage: +4Encumbered: 97Max: 195OD: 10BB/LG: 11%
Dex15.20Defense: -2Reaction: +2Ranged Hit: +2
Con14.18HP Adjust: +2System Shock: 88%Res. Survival: 92%Immune: -40%
Int13.08Languages: 3Learning: 55%
Wis10.01Imp. Skill: 5%
Cha17.02Sidekicks:10Loyalty: +6Reaction: +6Com: +3
Com15.21S/G: 16.21

Alcoholic, Gullible, Armor Snobbery, Enmity to Vampires, Gambling Addiction, Misguided, Psychotic Aversion to Berserkers, Sound Sleeper, Superstitious (Hops Tithe)

Talents and Abilities

Acute Alertness, Axe Bonus, Blind Fighting, Close to the Earth, Multiattack Bonus x2


Battle Axe Specialization, Footman’s Pick, Shield Specialization, Advanced Weapon and Shield

SkillStat & DieMastery
AppraisingInt, d831%
Armor MaintenanceInt/Dex, --
Armor Repair, BasicInt/Dex, d1031%
BotanyInt, d860%
BrewingInt, d1295%
Culinary ArtsWis, d1045%
GamingCha, d632%
HaggleCha/Int, d631%
Languages, Modern: CommonInt, d10100%
Languages, Modern: DwarvenInt, d10100%
MinglingCha/Wis, d628%
Muster ResolveCon, d627%
Reading/WritingInt, d647%
Riding, Land BasedDex, d833%
Shaving/GroomingInt, --
Shield BashStr/Dex, d629%
Shield PunchStr/Dex, d863%
Social EtiquetteWis/Cha, d630%
Weapon MaintenanceWis, --
EnduranceWis/Con, d623%

Karbok Kalegir

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